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Top 10 Best PHP Script to buy in 2024


PHP scripts are essential tools for web developers and businesses looking to enhance their websites or create new features. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best PHP scripts to buy in 2024. These scripts offer innovative functionalities, reliable performance, and excellent user experiences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, these PHP scripts will undoubtedly elevate your project’s success.

1. WoWonder – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is the best way to start your own social network website! Our platform is fast, secured, and it is being regularly updated.
WoWonder is the only social network in the market that fully support native mobile apps, thanks to our advanced API system!

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2. Premium URL Shortener – Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes

Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script packed with many unique features. It allows you to shorten a long link into short smart link that you can use to monitor clicks and optimize your marketing campaigns. It provides you many unique tools to quickly bootstrap a link shortening website. Some of the features include geotargeting, device targeting, premium membership, powerful dashboard and admin panel and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream. It is being actively developed for over 9 years so this means it will keep getting better and better with each update (incredible value!).

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3. Academy LMS – Learning Management System

Online learning marketplace script – Academy. Academy Lms is a marketplace script for online learning. Here students and teachers are combined together for sharing knowledge through a structured course-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video lessons and documents according to their expertise and students can enroll in these courses and make themselves skilled anytime and from anywhere.
So start selling your courses by installing ACADEMY and make your online business today.

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4. AtoZ SEO Tools – Search Engine Optimization Tools

A to Z SEO Tools v3 is a Search Engine Optimization Tools. We have more than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. It also helps to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations.

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5. Sngine – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

PHP Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

6. PlayTube – The Ultimate PHP Video CMS & Video Sharing Platform

PlayTube is a video sharing & streaming PHP Script, PlayTube is the best way to start your own video sharing website like YouTube! our platform is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.
PlayTube is the only video sharing site in the market that fully support native mobile apps, thanks to our advanced API system!

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7. AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener

Earn money by starting your own monetized link shortening service, just like,, or clone scripts! Allow members to shorten links & earn money, and keep a share of the profit. AdLinkFly includes publishers who are creating short links and advertiser who are creating campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, API, translation ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin(Coinbase – CoinPayments), WebMoney, Perfect Money, Paystack, PAYEER, Money Wallet & Bank Transfer integration, reCAPTCHA integration and much more!

8. BeMusic – Music Streaming Engine

BeMusic is a multi-purpose music sharing and streaming platform. It can be used to create many different types of music related sites, including sites similar to soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify and more.

BEST Features

  • Automation – BeMusic can be set to “automated” mode which will automatically import and update artists, albums, tracks, channels and other information from 3rd party sites as well as stream music and video using youtube API.

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9. MagicAI – OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS

MagicAI became the best-selling product on Codecanyon within three days.

AI Models

MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat. It supports the most popular AI generation models.

  • OpenAI
  • GPT 4 Turbo
  • GPT 4
  • GPT 3.5
  • GPT 3
  • Dall-E 2
  • Dall-E 3
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Davinci

AI Generators.

  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Code Generator
  • AI ChatBot
  • AI Speech to Text
  • AI Voiceover
  • AI PDF
  • AI Vision


MagicAI Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.


Generate high qualtity images for a wide range of applications, including web design, advertising, and social media. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching graphics for your business or simply want to experiment with different design concepts, MagicAI is the perfect solution.


Get instant answers to your questions, no matter the topic. Whether you’re looking to book a reservation, get product recommendations, or just chat about the weather, MagicAI is always ready and willing to help.


MagicAI is designed to make coding faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a coding newbie, our tool will help you streamline your coding process and get your projects up and running in no time.


Accurately transcribe your recordings in just minutes. With our user-friendly interface, you can upload your files and have them transcribed in a matter of clicks.

10: Best Top Selling PHP Script click here

In 2024, PHP scripts continue to be indispensable assets for web developers and businesses. The top 10 PHP scripts mentioned in this article offer diverse functionalities, reliability, and user-friendliness. Whether you need an e-commerce platform, social networking solution, classifieds website, or content management system, these scripts have got you covered. Consider investing in these best PHP scripts to elevate your web development projects and empower your online presence


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