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JustJobs – Remote Job Listings SaaS platform


JustJobs – Remote Job Listings SaaS platform is a fully-featured PHP platform that allows you to start your own subscription-based job listing website in no time.

The experience is powered by a mobile-first, clean, and easy-to-use design, with Dark and light themes, RTL, localization capabilities, and more. It allows your users to post job listings based on monthly subscriptions, and free or trial plans.

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Main Features

• Advanced job posting & listing

  1. Stepped form
  2. Drafting feature (never lose your progress)
  3. Job details fields (location, type, category, skills, salary, application link, description)
  4. Company details fields (HQ, logo, URL, email, description)
  5. AI-based post description suggestions (for job & company descriptions)
  6. Job listing preview during posting
  7. Paid (recurring), free and trial plans
  8. Job share link module
  9. Company details page
  10. Search page
  11. Browse page

• Multiple storage drivers supported

  1. Locally hosted files
  2. AWS S3 stored files (CDN & Presigned URLs support)
  3. Wasabi stored files
  4. DigitalOcean spaces stored files
  5. Minio storage
  6. PushrCDN storage

• Multiple emailing drivers (Mailgun/SMTP)
• Ability to enforce creator’s identity verification
• Printable invoices for each transaction
• User settings

  1. Profile settings (username, name, bio, birthdate, location, website)
  2. Account (Reset password)
  3. Payments settings (View transactions data and invoices)
  4. Privacy settings
  5. Verify identiy settings

• Fluent, mobile-first design (PWA App included)
• Light & Dark Themes
• Easy to rebrand via custom themes generator
• RTL/LTR & Translatable ready
• Advanced admin panel (Over 100 different settings)
• Strong SEO practices (Sitemap,, Social media meta)
• GDPR, Cookies policy banner, Adult content consent dialog
• Unique, hand-drawn vector illustrations
• Social logins (Facebook, Twitter & Google)
• Email-based 2FA logins
• Email deliverability check on register
• reCAPTCHA integration for public forms
• And so much more..

Techs behind it
  • Backend powered by Laravel
  • Frontend powered by Bootstrap & jQuery
  • Aditional 3rd party backend and frontend drivers

View the full list of requirements over this documentation section.


[2/1/2024] v1.1.0

* Added the rest of the company's listings on the job page, at the end of the page
* Fixed a UI bug when submitting a new listing under a free plan, labels indicating paid transactions were shown
* Fixed an issue related to form submissions on reverse proxy/load balancer based envs
* Fixed PWA's missing Splashscreens for iPhone 12/13/14/15
* Fixed an issue related to form submissions on reverse proxy/load balancer-based environments
* Updated the deprecated AI model used by suggestions
* Improved the SEO for the login-register pages
* Made the auth system redirect on the "My Jobs" page after logging in
* Multiple improvements over the admin-based create/edit user flows
* Multiple translation strings-related fixes and tweaks
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

[1/6/2024] v1.0.1

* Fixed a bug where the update button would be un-disabled even if the latest DB is present
* Fixed a bug related to social logins, where the buttons would be disabled
* Fixed some issues that were occurring during the installation of new instances, on certain envs
* Increased default compatibility during installation on shared hosting envs

[11/16/2023] v1.0.0

* Initial release 



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