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Facebook Leads - Perfex CRM Leads synchronization module

Facebook Leads - Perfex CRM Leads synchronization module latest 1.0 c

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Download Facebook Leads - Perfex CRM Leads synchronization module Nulled Free CodeCanyon 25623248
Facebook Leads Integration Module
for Perfex CRM, is a module that enables you to sync your Facebook Leads through your page’s forms with Perfex Leads. It uses Facebook oAuth connect in order to grant access to your Facebook Pages, it allows custom fields to be synced between Perfex and Facebook and you can subscribe to multiple pages of yours.

You will not need any coding skills in order to set this payment module up, but you need to create a Facebook App through Facebook Developers account.
Make sure that you understand what a Facebook App is and its review process for the necessary permissions in full, since you will need to go through it, from your personal account.

We do provide a step-by-step video regarding configuration and a detailed guide on how to set up a Facebook App after you sign up for a Facebook Developer account, along with a guide on how to request needed permissions by Facebook team (manage_pages,leads_retrieval) and how to integrate necessary products with your app (Facebook Login,Webhooks).

Version 1.0c

-Source code changed in order to be compatible with new platform permissions ( https://bit.ly/3f5Hd11 )
-Updated documentation in order to ensure that is compliant with the latest platform changes due to new requirements
-Minimum PHP version required: 7.4

Available Leads form fields

Name = name


Address = address
Position = title
City = city
Email Address = email
State = state
Website = website
Country = country
Phone = phonenumber
Zip = zip
Company = company
Default language = default_language
Description = description

Any custom field that you created inside Perfex, also supported.
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