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why you should be watching Brahmāstra

Ayan Mukerji, the promising Indian director is the brains behind the Astra-verse, one that has its origins set in the mythological roots of India. With  Brahmāstra, he has created a homegrown cinematic universe that combines different ancient elements with an exciting storyline and mind-numbing action sequences. 

A Homegrown Story 

A Homegrown Story


A Visual Spectacle

Brahmastra truly is a film that has upped the ante with its never-seen-before VFX. The Astras coming alive on the screen is a spectacle and a testament to the incredible work done by homegrown visual effects arts. So much so that filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt called Ayan Mukerji the ‘James Cameron of Indian Cinema’ – A credit to his effort not going unnoticed.

Music that lifts you into the Astraverse!

Brahmastra’s music takes viewers on an indelible emotional journey. From the soulful “Kesariya” and soothing “Rasiya” to the powerful “Deva Deva”, this film has a background score that enhances its impactful storytelling. One can’t help but be taken by the masterful music as it guides listeners through the story of the Astraverse.